Shaping and running the business activity at Enerco, we are fully aware that in the present world the access to energy, in particular to electric energy, is the fundamental condition for undisturbed functioning and development of the economy and meeting the most elementary needs of the society. It is, therefore, important to maintain a high energy security of the country, in particular through modernizing production capacity and diversification of the energy sources and also using local resources which will make it possible to become independent from imports of different types of energy from other countries and regions. This can be achieved through development of national and - what is important - "free of charge" energy resources, the so called Renewable Energy Sources.

Being aware of the strategic necessity of development and enhancement of the energy potential, the Enerco management and employees have been working for years on development of these sources, in particular, wind energy. We deeply believe that investments in this field will not only make it possible to limit the energy costs growth in a rational perspective but they will even decrease them and also will help to improve the natural environment and use of renewable sources - which is the biggest challenge of present time and the most important priority of civilized world. Additionally, in compliance with the principle of sustainable development it will positively influence the development of all sectors of the Polish economy and country’s poorer regions.

Until 2013 we have completed projects consisting of 106 wind turbines and the total capacity of 247.5 MW generating the energy which can deliver power to over 250 thousand of households. This generation makes it possible to save each year at least a quarter of million tons of coal used for energy purposes. Simultaneously, the energy produced from renewable source in comparison to conventional sources enables each year to avoid emission to the atmosphere of over 550 thousand tons of carbon dioxide - CO2, around 4.6 thousand tons of sulphur dioxide - SO2, around 1.9 thousand tons of nitrogen monoxide - NO2 and 0.6 thousand tons of particulates.

We have so far built 9 wind parks - all situated in the area of West Pomeranian province in Darłowo municipality (8 wind parks) and in Będzino/Ustronie Morskie municipality. Their construction and operation contributed significantly to the development of local economy, generating new workplaces and revenues to the municipalities budget under taxes due. What is also important is the influence of the investment on the development of local road infrastructure.

Moreover, we demand from ourselves to act for the benefit of energy efficiency and rational use of the resources - the office building of our company is equipped in the most modern IT technologies as well as automatics systems, and thus we reduce utilization of energy without losing on efficiency. We also take care of the social climate by building up the relations with local communities. Without it our projects could have not been realized. We try to support the local communities where we we actively develop projects - we are engaged in their initiatives and events, such as the Bread Feast in Wiekowice, family feasts in Dobiesław, Jeżyczki and Sińczyca, Days of Sianów Land Feast. Always remembering about the young generation, that will build our future, we prepared the school starter kits for the youngest residents of the region where our investment was carried out.

Because our success depends on those who we work with every day, we take care of our employees and ensure them the comfort of work and possibility of personal development. We know that without their engagement, achieving our goals would be far more difficult. That is why we offer our employees the possibility to take part in co-financed sport activities, offer medical care or the possibility to increase qualification - foreign language courses, trainings or postgrad education.

We promote eco-attitude among our employees, encouraging for waste segregation, switching off the office equipment after finishing work, limiting printing documents to the minimum.

Renewable Energy Sources projects constitute a challenge of present times. That is why we do not perceive our activity as counting the profits but we place it in a wider context - taking responsibility for our investments on each stage of implementation as well as for widely understood environment - both this natural as well as the human one. Thus, we follow the ecological aspects and social conditions considering interactions between all the factors. Applying the best available techniques, good practices codes and high contractor standards, we fulfil the mission of RES development for the benefit of the human being and respecting the nature.