Comprehensive project preparation

Enerco provides its services to both future investors and already operating energy companies. Their spectrum includes:

  • preparation of financial and technical documentation, including feasibility studies;
  • Profitability analysis, assessment of wind conditions, forecast of energy production and trading, etc .;
  • field research, including geotechnics and geodesy, nature monitoring, environmental research, wind measurements, etc;
  • Obtaining environmental decisions, building permits and other administrative decisions;
  • Preparation of loan and / or grant applications and assistance to beneficiaries in fulfilling their obligations towards institutions providing financial support;
  • Preparation of a preliminary cost-optimal analysis;
  • Advice on determining the most advantageous financing structure for projects related to the construction of wind parks;
  • Preparation of the investment feasibility study;
  • preparation of a business plan;
  • Preparation of application documents for institutions granting loans and co-financing. We also offer full service in the scope of fulfilling obligations towards financing institutions that have provided financial support; contacts and advice in negotiating electricity sales contracts and property rights to certificates of origin.

At the initial stage of implementation of projects related to renewable energy, Enerco deals with the preparation of complete technical documentation. This stage includes the preparation and / or completion of the necessary expertise, including consultations and advice on acquiring suitable areas for new investments, energy potential analyzes, ecological risk analyzes, identification of potential natural, spatial and social conflicts, analysis of technical conditions, etc.

The company also conducts a profitability analysis of planned projects. For example, in relation to wind projects, on the basis of the results of measuring wind strength, we are able to accurately assess electricity production and its variability in different periods, and the revenues estimated in this way can be a reliable basis for developing a business plan.

A comprehensive service related to the measurement and analysis of wind strength includes: delivery of top-class measuring equipment, selection of the mast foundation site and obtaining a building permit, as well as assembly and disassembly of the mast after measurement. The data obtained from the measurements, in turn, provide the basis for a simulation assessment of the wind energy resource. The resulting study contains information on average wind speeds, frequency of wind occurrence in terms of direction and speed, as well as the roses of the most energetic winds. We have algorithms adapted to our own needs and proven in practice to calculate energy production from renewable sources - in all projects to date, theoretical calculations correspond to the actual production achieved. We have an extensive database of wind force measurements in selected regions of northern and north-eastern Poland, and we have extensive knowledge of wind characteristics.

Cooperation with Enerco gives the investor a guarantee of professional service and obtaining the expertise necessary to plan and implement - successfully - his investment, and then for its effective operation.

Realization of investments

  • investment management,
  • investor supervision,
  • organizing tenders,
  • acceptance.

We design energy facilities in a general scope, preparing concepts for technical solutions and plans for the development of the investment area, e.g. the location of wind turbines, access roads, transmission infrastructure and a transformer station. We also complete technical documentation, both construction (road designs and foundation construction) and energy (electrical cabling design, medium and high voltage cable line designs, GPZ subscriber station). Detailed design and technical solutions for projects are obtained from specialized design offices or from technology suppliers and contractors of construction works.

We have specialist knowledge and experience, as well as numerous contacts with institutions and companies related to the energy sector. Therefore, our company is able to solve administrative issues and meet the procedural requirements necessary for the implementation of energy facilities in the selected area. We obtain all administrative approvals and permits issued by local authorities and technical conditions for connection issued by distribution system operators.

The high quality of our activities is the basis for the decisions of financing institutions to grant a loan or grant for a given investment. Cooperation with Enerco means greater financial credibility of the project.

We also organize tenders for the supply of technologies and materials, contractors for construction works, maintenance services, etc. Properly conducting them allows us to select the most advantageous offer, and at the same time meet the requirements necessary for applying for EU grants and their settlement.

We also have significant experience in negotiating contracts with contractors and suppliers. We are also able to take over professional supervision over all construction works, assembly and commissioning of production units.

Thanks to the experience gained during the implementation of significant wind and infrastructure projects, we carry out the works entrusted to us efficiently, effectively and on time.

Administration and service

At the operational stage, Enerco provides professional management of production assets, operation of technical infrastructure and generating units in accordance with the requirements of the TNC and the requirements of TSO and DSO, as well as financial settlements in the field of generated energy and acquired property rights, energy trading on the balancing market, servicing of tenants and service providers. e.t.c.

As part of operating services, the Company also independently or supervises servicing of generating units and accompanying infrastructure.

We have, in particular, the most modern technology in the field of wind park administration during their operation. The scope of our services includes:

  • obtaining a decision authorizing the operation of the facility,
  • day-to-day management of the proper functioning of the park
  • wind farm - the IT system we use is ideal for supervision and monitoring of wind farm operation,
  • assistance in the appropriate selection and negotiation of conditions, as well as supervision of maintenance services performed in the wind park
  • preparation of electricity production forecasts for settlements with ZakÅ‚ady Energetyczne, taking into account the needs of the balancing market,
  • participation in the balancing market.